Sweetbitters and Cocaine

I decided to start off the year with Sweetbitter. I remember reading rave reviews for it a couple years ago, and then I'm pretty sure it got turned into a series on Starz or Showtime. So the reviews must've been true. For anyone who has worked in a restaurant, this book is pretty relatable. And, … Continue reading Sweetbitters and Cocaine

“Fates & Furies” with a Poor Man’s cocktail

Fates & Furies is a chaotic and disturbing love story. There’s so much in the past of Lotto and Mathilde that drive their characters. Because of their traumas they go on dark journeys to discover themselves. The Fates: While I’m not familiar with greek mythology and theater, I am familiar with artists who are very self … Continue reading “Fates & Furies” with a Poor Man’s cocktail