“The Buddha Walks Into a Bar” and orders a Kombucha Mule

Self help books tend to get a bad reputation. People believe they are for divorcees or the depressed or people who don’t have social skills. But I think we all need a little help getting along in life.

The Buddha Walks Into a Bar is an excellent choice for those who wish to figure out how to deal with life in a healthy way. For many of us, college days were a lot about hanging out with friends, going out to the bars, meeting cute somebodies, and also maybe finding time to make it to class. After this, we graduate and move on to the real world where things tend to get far more complicated before we’re ready. We start full-time jobs, while trying to balance friends and family, exercise, hobbies, happy hours, and whatever else life throws to us. Which somehow becomes much more difficult.

In this guide to being a self-aware human being, Lodro Rinzler discusses how to do the things we enjoy without feeling guilt and stress and anxiety over it.

This book works a lot with dealing with these life anxieties with meditation. This is something that I was relatively new to the first time I read this book after college. While I’d sat through many yoga classes with my instructor telling me to clear my mind as I lay in Savasana, I’d never really understood it. I kind of took it as to think happy thoughts. But in meditation it means to clear your brain completely. Ward off all of the negative energy and just be there in the moment, (which is actually extremely difficult to do).

Overall, this book is a great way to get into our own insights over dealing with everyday problems. It teaches you how to not scream at the other drivers when you’re stuck in standstill rush-hour traffic. It helps us deal with not getting upset when our date doesn’t call us back for a second. It also helps with just being okay with being on our own. If you’re having trouble with adulthood or relationships or work, I recommend checking  this book out and giving meditation a try for yourself.

This week I decided to make my own version of a Moscow Mule, the Kombucha Mule. I feel like kombucha has been such a hot commodity beverage. It has probiotics and antioxidants, which ties into self-awareness and being smart about how you treat your body. The vodka doesn’t help, but do you want!

– 1 oz. vodka
– 4 oz. ginger kombucha of your choice
– Lemon juice
– Lemon slices for garnish

Fill a mule glass with ice, pour in the vodka, lemon juice, and fill with kombucha. Add a slice of lemon to the rim. Clear your head and sip away. Hopefully you enjoy it more than Kombucha Girl.


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