Happy Holidays!

As it is December 1, I’d like to announce that this month will be dubbed “Festive Fiction December.” So for this month I will be posting about books taking place during Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve, and books that take place during the general time of winter. Then obviously I will be pairing them with a delicious drink recipe to sooth you from the cold, or if you live in a warmer climate it’ll be a drink that makes you feel like you should be next to a fire in the mountains. Use your imagination.

I want to keep the holiday spirit going with my blog posts, and I hope you find that you are able to discover a new holiday read that becomes part of your annual traditions. Host a holiday book club with friends and family and discuss your favorite reads that revolve around the season.


Don’t worry. Just because I’m only listing my announcement doesn’t mean I won’t leave you with a drink recipe. I mean, what would Books & Booze be without the booze?

Around the holidays, my favorite thing to drink is hot cocoa. And the way to feel boozy and warm is to add some Bailey’s. You can stick with the classic Irish Cream or go festive with some of their new flavors. My favorites are Vanilla-Cinnamon or Salted-Caramel. This drink is also great for binging Christmas movies with friends and family or to stay warm tailgating your favorite school’s bowl game. To each their own.

In the comments, let me know what your favorite holiday traditions are, or let me know of a book or festive drink you’d like to see this month. I hope your holidays are filled with books, booze, and cheer!

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