A “Scrappy Little Nobody” who likes beer

Around this time last year, actress Anna Kendrick released her autobiography Scrappy Little Nobody. I didn’t know a lot about Anna except that she seemed to have gotten her start with Twilight and she could sing as proven in Pitch PerfectIMG_0878 (1)

While I didn’t care for Anna during the Twilight saga’s couple of years of fame, she grew on me during Pitch Perfect and movies like Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Then when I was gifted her autobiography for Christmas last year, I learned so much more about her. I had no idea she got her start in musical theater, and that she started so young. She was basically a child actor, but without the drug addictions and rehab (yet…just kidding).

I think the honesty in telling her readers about how she struggled and was on unemployment was great insight on what it was like for her to try to follow this dream she had for herself.

In this book, Anna talks about her struggles with anxiety, relationships, and what it was like to really be on her own. She is truly relatable, and not in a Jennifer Lawrence way but in a real way. You can read her personal journey and thing, oh yeah, I’ve definitely felt that before. It’s a nice way to feel like you’re not crazy and that people actually do feel like this sometimes, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be a failure for the rest of your life.

Another great part of this book is that it comes with a list of questions in the back for you and your friends or book club to go over after reading it. So check it out and read it with a buddy.

I didn’t remember reading anything about what Anna prefers to drink in her book, but after looking through different interviews and random sites that listed her favorite things, I discovered she apparently likes beer. Easy enough, but I didn’t want to just tell you to go to a store and buy a six pack from a brewery in Maine. I decided to get creative.

Many people have heard of a Black and Tan, but I’m just not that into Guiness. So I decided to use a different take on the beer mixture: The Snakebite. For this, you’ll use a hard cider of your choice (the crisper the better) and a stout.

Pour the cider into a pint glass filling it half way. Then pour the stout over the back of a spoon filing the rest of the glass so the stout sits on top of the cider. Enjoy!


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