“Girls in White Dresses” sipping white sangria

My first summer after college I worked as a receptionist. After I’d finish my workload I would read at my desk and wait for walk ins or calls. I read 22 books that summer, but struggled to find something with a character who was my age. I found books about teen love triangles and then books about middle aged women going through a mid-life crisis. But where were the college characters and the 20-somethings figuring life out?

That’s when I came across Girls in White Dresses. I originally read it when I was a junior in college and connected to it. Then I read it again as a college graduate and appreciated the story-line even more. While this is no Pulitzer or something people will study in literature classes, it gives me what I want most in a book: characters who I relate to.


Each woman in this book is going through relationship and work turmoils. And above that they are having an internal struggle that many of us face in our 20s. What am I doing with my life? Is this person right for me? Why didn’t I get that promotion? These young women are not special. They are relatable. They face the same issues we face. They are driven by their own story. They make mistakes like sleeping with married men. They are embarrassed by their parents. They can’t decide if they want children yet until they see someone else handling it. They don’t know if the person they are with is the real deal. They have existential crises.

Girls in White Dresses makes us feel like we aren’t alone in what we feel around this age. It’s a very weird time when you enter into the real world and the characters in this book resonate with that feeling, which is what makes this book great. While following multiple characters the first time I read this book, I got somewhat confused trying to remember how they all fit. The second time I read this it made much more sense. Just be willing to commit to the book when you’re reading. My goal is never to give too much of a book away and to get my followers to start reading it.

So what to pair with this book? I’ve decided on my own version of White Sangria. I would go to sangria happy hours with my girlfriends throughout college and after, and that’s what this book reminds me of.

– Bottle of white wine (I prefer Pinot Grigio)
– Lemon slices
– Orange slices
– Mango chunks
– Flavored sparkling water of your choice

In a large pitcher combine all ingredients and put in the fridge for an hour. I chose a mango sparkling water to mix with the sangria. (It took a few cans to top off the pitcher.) Pour into a wine glass, catch up with friends, and try not to freak out over your 20s.

Have suggestions for a book you’d like me to review and pair? Leave it in the comments!

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